Herbal Potli (Therapeutic)

Herbal Potli (Therapeutic)


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Ingredients :

  •  Tesu flower, Rasna leaves, Haridra, Shunthi (dry ginger powder), Turmeric, and Ginger (fresh ginger)

Benefits :

  • Ayurveda is one of India’s oldest therapeutic practices, and potli massage treatment has its origins in this science. Using this ayurvedic herb pain relief potli, you may relax your muscles and ease your discomfort in the comfort of your own home.
  • Herbal potli relieves pain, improves circulation, and promotes complete relaxation. It revitalizes, loosens tight knotted muscles, and improves muscular tone and strength.
  • Benefits: Opens pores, relaxes muscles, relieves discomfort, reduces joint pain and stiffness, relieves muscular spasms and frozen shoulder, and increases mobility and flexibility.
  • How to Apply: Place the herbal compress on a hot plate or spray the base with fresh water to wet it. It should only be placed on a plate for 10 minutes. Overheating will cause the potli to burn. Apply moderate pressure while rolling, dragging, and pushing it on the affected areas.
  • Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger pre-existing allergies. Please see a doctor if you have any rashes or allergies.

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