Breathe Easy Potli (Set of 4)

Breathe Easy Potli (Set of 4)


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Breathe Easy Potli by Veda5 Naturals

Ingredients : Clove (Lavang), Ajwain (Carom Seeds), Camphor Powder, Cumin Seeds, Menthol Crystal, Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Benefits :

Veda5 Breathe Easy Potli is a breakthrough natural, external herbal therapy inspired by Ayurvedic principles.

It is a safe, 100% natural potli compress inspired by Ayurveda. It is well-researched and has numerous unique benefits such as improves oxygen levels, eases congestion in respiration, and relieves blockages in the respiratory system, allowing you to breathe effortlessly.

Ayurvedic Breathe Easy Potli Compress possesses antioxidant properties that aid in immune system stimulation. It also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits and has previously been used to treat coughs and colds. It acts as a natural inhaler, soothing the throat and relieving nasal congestion.

Ajwain’s active enzymes improve the flow of Cough and Congestion Relief, which can aid in the relief of Respiratory Distress. Cloves include antioxidants, which assist your body fight free radicals, which harm your cells and can lead to disease.

It is specifically designed to assist people in breathing easier during these difficult times when the air we breathe is so polluted. It will benefit persons suffering from various respiratory and breathing problems. It aids in the maintenance of oxygen levels.

How to Use :

Whenever you feel a problem in breathing, Keep the Breathe Easy Potli handy and just inhale it.

Ideal for people who have difficulty breathing, relieve respiratory distress, and help to improve irritated throats and nostrils.

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